Hendricks ABV 41.4% Cucumber and Black Pepper.
A classic gin that is known and loved so well in the UK

Portobello Road ABV 42% Lime
A classic style London Gin. This fresh gin is great for an everyday G&T

Fords ABV 45% Lemon
Designed with the help of bar tenders mixologists

Sacred ABV 40% Grapefruit
This uses 11 botanicals one of them being frankincense

Anno ABV 40% Lime
Our local Marden Gin

Jensons ABV 43% Rose lemonade and lemon.
It’s calm, ordered and complex.

Big Juniper and Old Fashioned

Langley’s ABV 41.7% Lime  
An old fashioned gin perfect for a traditional Gin and Tonic.

Fifty Pounds ABV 43.5% Lime
It’s oily and classical with broad juniper shoulders.

1897 Quinine ABV 45.8% Lime
This gin supports Malaria No More UK and over 50% of the producers profit goes to the charity.

Sipsmith ABV 41.6% Grapefruit
A gin that nods to the past with a generous and complex palette.

St George ABV 45% Lime and Lemon
Made from a base of rye with lots of juniper.

VJOP Sipsmith ABV 57% Lime
The big one. Not for the faint hearted!

Infused and Spicey

Beefeater 24 ABV 45% Orange
The classic beefeater gin then add grapefruit and green tea.

Saffron ABV 40% Lemon
Produced in small batches and infused with saffron.

Half Hitch ABV 40% Orange
Made in Camden and infused with Malawian Black Tea.

Pink Pepper ABV 44% Orange and Mint
A very strong and masculine gin.

Danley’s View Spiced Gin ABV 42.7%
Cinnamon gin,serve with ginger ale for a long refreshing gin.

Aromatic and Floral

Tarquins ABV 42% Lime
This is a well-balanced floral gin, it’s very soft and gentle.

Silent Pool ABV 43% Lime
A Surrey gin with a soft floral notes. All the botanicals are sourced from the local area.

Caorunn ABV 41.8% Apple
This gin has apple notes and a brief hint of juniper.

Ophir ABV 40% Pepper and Juniper
This gin has been inspired by the spice route, it has a mix of peppercorns, coriander and curry leaf.

Dorothy Parker ABV 44% Lime
This gin is very heavily floral with a hint of grapefruit.

Maiden ABV 42% Orange
Distilled in Maidstone and a definite favourite of the Stile Bridge.

Durham ABV 40% Orange
Flavours of elderflower and peppercorns.

Sloe Gin

Sipsmiths Sloe Gin ABV 29%
This handmade sloe gin is smooth, balanced and has sweet cassis flavour. 

Bathtub Sloe Gin ABV 33.8%
Using half a pound of sloe berries per bottle makes this gin full of character.

Gentleman Badger’s Sloe Gin ABV 26%
Using the base of Colonel Fox London Dry Gin and adding sloe berries.

Fruity and Sweet

Edinburgh Raspberry ABV 20%
Raspberries and Elderflower makes a delicious refreshing cocktail

Edgerton Pink ABV 43% Raspberry
Designed with his daughters in mind this gin is fun and feminine.

Summer Cup ABV 31.5%
Serve with rose lemonade, cucumber and mint. An alternative to Pimms

Hoxton ABV 43% Grapefruit


London No1 ABV 47% Lemon
Due to the Gardenia flower this gin is blue in colour.

Blackwoods ABV 40% Mint and Lemon
Clean in flavour with gentle floral and juniper notes

Gin Mare ABV 43% Rosemary
The tasting notes are of olives, basil and thyme.

Cambridge Dry ABV 46% Lime
Made from foraged botanicals

The Botanist ABV 46% Lemon and Lavender
This gin has a soft powdery palate and tastes like walking in the woods.

Monkey 47 ABV 47% Lime
Made from 47 botanicals this gin is very aromatic.

Berkeley Square ABV 40% Lime
A modern twist on a herbal gin, it makes a clean and crisp G&T but try with rose lemonade for a summer.

Gin Cocktails

The Rose One
Rose Lemonade with Strawberries & Mint

The Ginger One
Ginger Ale, Elderflower Cordial, squeeze of lime, with wedge of lime & ginger

The Apple One
Apple Juice, cucumber & mint

The Lavender One
Real lemonade, Lavender Syrup and Lavender Flower

The Elderflower One
Elderflower Tonic, Grapefruit & Juniper Berries


Deaths Door ABV 47% Orange
Don't fear this gin is named after the place its made and not its strength.

Dodds 49.9% Grapefruit
A creamy gin with a sweet honey taste.

Edinburgh 43% ABV Orange
If you like your gins aromatic then we think you will love it.

Whitley Neil ABV 42% Orange
A zesty gin with hints of coriander.

Glorious Gin ABV 45% Grapefruit
The taste changes from grapefruit to liquorice and lime.

Sacred Pink ABV 43% Grapefruit
Don’t down this gin with tonic as you will lose some of the subtle spice notes.

Nordes ABV 40% Orange
A gin inspired by the northerly Atlantic wind. Made from botanicals including juniper, ginger and liquorice. A really unique gin.